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beware of blue cars.....   
01:55pm 07/11/2005
mood: determined
so i was saying goodbye to the parents today and we notice that the back of their car is all busted up..... some jerk in my building with a blue car smashed into the back of the car!!! the back light's all busted and they have blue paint on the back and side of their car.... what kind of a jerk hits a car and doesn't even leave a note...... whatever. so i'm now on a mission to find the blue car and make them pay!!!!! i'm going to be walking the complex lot everyday with my camera.... i will find them!!!! oh yes blue car your going down!!!!!
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good times   
08:25pm 06/11/2005
mood: ecstatic
i have had one of the best weeks of the year.... my parents were here... i finally got an ipod.... and i now have my very own big girl bed!!!! hurray! it is somewhat funny though that the bed is already up past my waist and i don't even have the frame yet!! my mom was teasing me that i will need a ladder to get in it... i don't care... i'll use a ladder... it's sooooo soft and lovely!!
i had the best time with my parents.... we went downtown and just hung out watching movies it was so nice to be with them.... i was able to download a bunch of my mom's cd's on my ipod... once i figured out how to do it that is.

i have a job interview on tues with a marketing firm that works with L'Oreal cosmetics.... so you could all pray that it goes well. and then on Wed i have to meet with Eric the new guy at my current company who is most likely to fire me in Jan..... so that should be fun.... ah well i don't even care i'm in such a good mood right now i don't even mind that i'll have to listen to his bull-shit for a whole day!! then on thurs i fly to MI for the weekend.... next week i'm going to MN..... i know your all super jealous that i get to go to wicked fun places like MN with my job.... hahaha suckas!!!!!
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chicago drivers = jerks!!   
10:10pm 27/10/2005
mood: cranky
have i mentioned before that i HATE driving!!! yes well i still hate it and to make matters worse for me when i was picking up a woman who i'm trying to persuade to hire me on with her company...( i would be their national trainer if all goes well) anyway i'm taking her to a very important meeting with the head of Sephora and some jerk slams into the back of my car. we both hurt our necks a bit and i hit the steering wheel but miraculously there is not even a dent in my car... got to love a plastic car!! at least the accident wasn't my fault and i was able to get her to her meeting exactly on time.... but i wanted to make a really good impression and i got all flustered after i was hit.... ah well i think she still likes me and have at least a small shot at the job.
in other news according to rumors myself and all the coordinators are going to be out of a job come Jan...... fun fun fun.
at least things are going better for my Dad... his jewelry was chosen to be on the cover of a prestigious catalog for high end gallery's!!! Way to go Pops!!!!
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the logic of our sex laws.......   
02:21pm 23/10/2005
mood: amused
i had the craziest dream last night that i gave birth to Beck's love child..... she had big brown eyes and curly reddish blond hair.... we named her Gracie... and she would laugh every time he played Qualify.
since waking i have come to the following conclusions....

1) no more watching MTV before i go to sleep

2) i need to seek help straight away!

3) i need a real life boyfriend

4) Karen needs to come back... she keeps me sane.

and finally

5) Beck + Me = beautiful babies!!
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08:09pm 18/10/2005
mood: annoyed
so there's this new show on the BBC "How to dog train your husband". and it's a bunch of women using the same commands they give to dogs to control their husbands!!! and it's not a joke!! i'm so sick of women putting down men..... sure i get frustrated with the one's i know sometimes but no more then with the girls i know... come on ladies lets find a new topic to bitch about. lay off the men.
10:37am 17/10/2005
mood: crushed
Man why does everything good always happen to Karen????? she goes on the train one time and meets up with this guy who makes paper hats for everyone on the train and convinces people to wear them without saying a word!!!!! how freakin AWESOME is that!! the paper hat guys website is www.scottyiseri.com you should all check it out it's pretty sweet.... the only people i meet up with on the train are trasnvesites asking me if they look like women or not...
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09:51am 08/10/2005
mood: awake
tomorrow i leave for CA!!!!! i can't wait! not only will i be having a whole lot of fun in the sun but..... i have this huge meeting with the founder of my company and all the big wiggs... Lord willing we will be able to work some stuff out on how my region will work. i think they will promote me to the head of Chicago,MI,IN and WI. i mean i'm already doing it so i might as well be paid for it!!!
my apartment is looking a little more normal now too... i got all these stroage things so most of the boxes are gone... it's amazing how calmer i felt once i got rid of 60 boxes!

last night Karen, Demetria and i all went to Willow to listen to this talk about Sciecetlogy.... VERY interesting, they believe that were all thatens and that all our thoughts about "normal" religion ie Jesus, creation, God, ect.... came when 70 million years ago we were made to watch a 3D movie for 36 days and implanted with a chip. so now to get rid of those bad memories you have to do auditing sessions. i knew some about the religion about how they believe in aliens and all that but i had no idea how complex the whole thing is... Matt you would have LOVED it. sci-fi in all it's glory!!! jk

well that's all i have for now but i'll keep you all updated on my trip...
no no lets hear MORE about you......   
03:52pm 22/09/2005
mood: accomplished
so the big wig boss finally called me back today..... apparently he's freakin awesome... so says him that is. whatever i'm flying out to meet up with him in a few weeks then he's going to be flying here to spend time with me. so we'll see how that goes... i did think it was nice of him to let me know that i can just be myself and that i shouldn't be intimidated by him, or think he's too great to talk to me.... wow what an amazing humble man!!!

but everything else is going really well... my living room is currently covered in boxes (last count was 64!!!) but i'm getting it all sorted out so that's a great thing!!
anyone want some lip gloss??
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food for thought....   
07:10pm 16/09/2005
mood: cranky
so there's this girl who works for me that completely hates me.... i don't know why... since the first day i met her she despised me.... i've tried to be super nice to her, i always try to complement what she's wearing....but she still hates me... so it's got me thinking... what if she see something in me that's completely unlovable... i mean i used to think that once she got to know me she'd like me more... but no... i know i should just let it go but it bothers me. i mean what does she see in me that causes her to hate me so...
i have to go to my old bosses house on tues. to pick up all her work things... i still don't know what's going on with her position... they had better give it to me at this point... i've been do it plus my job this whole month... but nobody in the corporate office will tell me anything...

i feel so alone here all the sudden...

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i want a day off....   
08:52pm 05/09/2005
mood: exhausted
i have been working non stop.... and i think i've officially fried my brain.. i'm soooo tired.

i hope that Tim and Eric are in the office on Wed. so we can figure out what's going on with my job.. that would be nice...
i want to go home now.....   
08:55am 01/09/2005
mood: aggravated
i've been feeling really homesick since i got back.... which never happens to me. maybe it's due to the fact that i want to spend time with my new niece, or perhaps its due to the fact that everything with my job is super crazy right now... my boss is leaving the country for three weeks and i'm in charge of everything.. plus she made it so i don't get a weekend off the whole month!! and i don't get an extra day off for labor day!!! which i'm allowed to take according to the company... all that and the fact that one of my friends thinks i'm the biggest jerk in the world has made me a bit sad at the moment...
when did every thing get so complicated... this sucks.
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Baby Rachael is here!!!!!   
05:08pm 30/08/2005
mood: cheerful
So i have the MOST BEAUTIFUL niece EVER!!!!! once i figure out how to post pics i'll put them up so you can see for yourself.
My trip home was mostly great... i got to see Josi and her new baby, i met up with Justin for lunch, i hung out with Matt, i even got to meet Jon Waller.... the work part of my trip went really well too... i learned a ton, got to meet up with my bosses boss which was great, she's such an amazing woman.. i want to pick her brain on so many things i wish she wasn't leaving the company... sadness.. ah well maybe i'll go work for her at her new company!!

but the very best part of my trip was seeing baby Rachael.... i love her so much... i was so bummed on sunday night cause i was going to leave in the morning and she still wasn't born and i thought i was going to miss it.... but then at 4am Megan called and said to meet her at the hospital... and at 6:32am Rachael Ruth Hykes was born... i can't wait to go home again and see her... i made my sister put the phone by her ear so i could talk to her today.... i know i'm a dork... but i want her to know my voice... i'm so thankful that i got to be there when she was born and hold her and kiss her little head... she's sooooo pretty... i love her so much...
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i swear it's all true......   
10:06pm 12/08/2005
mood: confused
ok so it's a friday night and being the giant loser i am i'm at the gym doing my water walking...(which is freaking awesome by the way) anyway i'm all gross and sweaty in a BATHING SUIT!!!! and this super hot guy comes into the pool area... and my first thought is oh shit i hope he somehow does not notice me... water walking is a damn fine workout but you look like a complete fool doing it... here i am bobbing up and down back and forth in chest high water... not so cute.. well much to my dismay this fine young guy comes right over to me and starts walking with me... he strikes up a conversation about how he just moved here from Rome and how he's taking over his fathers business, he asked me all about myself what i did for a living you know normal chit-chat... and that's when it all changed............... so he says i find personality and sexual attraction high on my list for finding a partner... what do you have on your list? hummm well i'm a christian i say so he would have to be a christian and i'll go with personality as well... oh well i'm very religous he says.. so how do you feel about sexual attraction is that important to you to mesh well sexually? well i say i think you'd have to be attractied to someone sure but as as far as meshing well sexualy i don't believe in sex before marriage so thats not an issue for me. at this he sort of blinks twice and then asks... so you never..... no i say i have not.. and now he looks at me as though i've just dared him to nail me right there in the pool... Really!! he says... really i say. he pauses for a moment. so could i ask you a religious question? sure.. ok so say you have the boyfriend and he wants to give you the oral sex what about that? well i say that would not be ok with me... REALLY interesting.... well ok what if you gave the oral sex... see you would still be a virgin? yes that's true but i believe we are to be pure and that wouldn't really go well with the Bible's standards of purity.... he pauses again.. well you'd need practice thought for your husband i mean?? well i say i guess i'll have to marry a patient man... at this point in the conversation i say i have to get up early and excuse myself...

can you believe that... and he was hot... a creepy hot guy... it's just not fair.

and that my friends is how i spent my friday night...
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it's true mean people do suck...   
09:07pm 06/08/2005
mood: crushed
i want to hurt everyone who works at a nordstrom... they all suck... and i don't like them one bit...
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02:51pm 02/08/2005
mood: hopeful
I'm going home soon!!! I can't wait to see everyone... my family, all my friends. Josi and the baby!!! my sister's belly!! I hope she has the baby while i'm there that would be soooo great... little baby Rachael!! I've gone a bit nuts buying baby Rachael clothes and shoes... i have three pairs of pink shoes for her already and she's not even out yet.. but i figure if i'm going to be living so far away i'll have to spoil her rotten every chance i get... that way she'll love me the most!! hahah...
My work is going GREAT!!! i just got off from a nation wide conference call and Heidi the national director had me tell everyone how i'm doing counter manager trainings for my girls so that they can copy what i'm doing... how cool is that i've only been at this job about three months and she's already had me give advice to everyone in the field about four times... only bad thing is, is that i think it's really pissing Sara (my boss) off... when Heidi sent out an email with one of my ideas to everyone Sara didn't really talk to me for a few days... i can't really blame her i would hate it if Heidi really liked someone under me... so it gets kind of awkward at times...
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you don't say......   
08:19pm 26/07/2005
mood: amused
Yesterday Karen made me dinner so to thank her tonight i made the most kick ass dinner... broiled salmon with veggies it was so good, and for dessert vegan chocolate mousse... yumm...
so i got a thank you card from the band that i did the makeup for... everyone in the band wrote something in it... most of them wrote some sort of thanks statement... all except Doug who wrote "your fucking HOTT!!!" hahaha the man is so poetic.... their playing a show again on friday downtown so that should be fun... Demetria is trying to get me to go out with Doug, so far i've resisted but we shall see after this weekend...
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05:15pm 24/07/2005
  The new Death Cab album rocks!!! i love it can't wait till it offically comes out so i can buy it....  
08:06pm 22/07/2005
mood: creative
I LOVE my job... where else can you work where you get to do what you love and listen to the pet shop boys while your doing it... and Heidi my bosses boss has to be the coolest person on the planet, i seriously want to take lessons from her she has this way of making everyone love her... for instance at our meeting the other day the Nordsrtom people were being really negative and uptight and Heidi just comes in and turns it all around... by the end of the meeting she had the manager cracking jokes and smiling... i didn't even know she had teeth!!!!!
clearly i have a ton to learn... but i'm getting there...
in other news i'm in total lust of my personal trainer Erik... not only is he super hot but he's turing out to be a really sweet guy... we talk about all kinds of things during our sessions and as much as i still love all my gay boys i have to admit it's really nice to talk to a straight guy.. now that Matt is in Cleveland i don't know a single straight man in all of Il. but i plan on changing that real soon... hehehe...
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lucky me...   
05:28pm 18/07/2005
mood: annoyed
so i finally got a personal trainer at my gym today...now there are several girl trainers and the guys with muscles coming out of their necks.... and then there's my personal trainer... six foot three and possibly the most gorgeous guy i've ever met... his name is Erik and when he's not being a personal trainer he's a model at Ford... and he's STRAIGHT.. and SINGLE... and this is the man who will be measuring my fat!!!!! oh joy oh bliss.... i finally meet a straight guy and every time i see him i'll be all sweaty and gross... this is not fair.. i was hoping to get this grandmother looking trainer... she'd be great.. not the hottest guy on the planet watching me fumble around trying to catch my breath... on the bright side at least this will give me tons of motivation to workout all the time...
in other news my head boss is coming to town on Wed. and i'm looking forward to it but a little nervous too... i think it will go well.. at least i know she likes me..
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09:11pm 13/07/2005
mood: calm
so Logan went to church with Karen and i on sunday... he was a really good sport about the whole thing... he even sang the songs..
so i'm having a bit of a hard time at my job... see the thing is, is that sometimes i have to be sort of a bitch... not all the time but when an artist isn't producing it's my job to make them.. next week i have to have a meeting about one of my counter managers and i have to have her written up. it's such an odd position to find myself in cause i was always the one to cover for all my fellow coworkers. and now i have to enforce the rules. i don't like getting people in trouble... but it's not my fault if they don't do their job. my job is to make them work.... i had a phone meeting with my bosses boss yesterday it went really well i like her a lot but she doesn't put up with any crap and since i've been a little lenient on some of my staff i think she'll probably call me out on it... which is good.. i need to look at things from more of a business aspect... so i'm learning and that's all i can do right now...
i go home in a little more than a month... i'm really looking forward to it.. i can't wait to see all my friends back home.. even thought they don't call me back.. Megan!!!!
well that is all i have to report at this time so i will bid you all a goodnight...